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        General Information

        Roles and Responsibilities of Office of the President


        Office of the President is a general office and a coordination hub for administrative affairs, whose roles are centered on the university’s strategic priorities, including offering advice, facilitating coordination and providing management support. Major responsibilities of the Office include:

        1. organizing and coordinating presidential working meetings, university-wide meetings and other major events;

        2. coordinating, supervising and inspecting the work of departments, schools, faculties and institutes as instructed and authorized by the university’s leadership;

        3. maintaining contact, communication and coordination with regulatory and relevant organizations and organizing university-level receptions;

        4. dealing with the secretarial work of the university’s leadership, organizing and coordinating internal activities for university leaders, and conducting research and investigation to support informed decision-making by the university’s leadership;

        5. preparing important university documents, speeches for significant occasions and other materials for university leaders;

        6. handling and managing university-level official documents, and guiding and supervising the processing, circulation and filing of documents by all administrative units;

        7. gathering the information and data of the university, reporting needed information to regulatory authorities and disclosing information where necessary;

        8. handlingpublic complaints and proposals and coordinating and supervising the handling of such public complaints and proposals by relevant functional departments; 

        9. managing and using university stamps, the public institution legal person certificate, letters of introduction and university gifts; and preserving the university’s intangible assets such as the name, logo and goodwill of the university; and

        10. dealing with other work assigned by university leaders. 

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